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Never Give Up? (The 15 Applications with Most Non-final Rejections)

I am dealing with jet lag after 2 weeks in Russia (Putin says hi), plus there is a lot going on with the IPO annual meeting in town, so this week’s post falls into the category of quick fun-fact.

Using the Bigpatentdata patent retrieval tool I pulled the title, assignee, and status of each application that has had at least 13 nonfinal rejections. Interestingly, the two leaders are still in active prosecution, so who knows how high they can take the record!

AppNumNumber Nonfinal ActionsTitleAssigneeStatus
984114916Method and system for integrating internet advertising with television commercialsComcastFinal Rejection Mailed
1058121815Shaving head with skin stretching memberKoninklijke PhilipsResponse to nonfinal entered
1029727014Device for Monitoring Movement of Shipped GoodsGarminPatented (2012)
1095894513Wide Bandgap Field Effect Transistors With Source Connected Field PlatesCreePatented (2017)
1000158013Product selling and pricing system and methodQualcommAbandoned (2015)
1002515513Antenna Control SystemCommScopePatented (2013)
999937813System and Method Employing Capacity/Demand Management In Prepared Food Service IndustryGoal Assist CorporationNonfinal Action Mailed
1026748313Three dimensional integrated circuitsYakimishuAbandoned (2009)
1026499013Absorbent articleNonePatented (2015)
952399013Method of Manufacture and Identification of Semiconductor Chip Marked for Identification With . . .NoneAbandoned (2014)
1040001713Relating to Binding Proteins For Recognition Of DNAU.K Research & InnovationPatented (2015)
1051400913Memory device comprising a non-phase-changing amorphous . . .SonyPatented (2017)
1072823313Methods and Apparatus to Facilitate Drying Golf GlovesDJ Nicholson EnterprisesPatented (2014)
1099059313Automatic address validationPayPalAllowed


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