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Less Guessing + Less Wasted Time = Happier Clients = Happier YOU

BigPatentData was built by a patent prosecutor (Hi, that’s me, Chad Gilles) with the goal of making patent prosecution less frustrating and more efficient to drive better results for both patent prosecutor and client alike.

In my 10+ years as a patent prosecutor, I have written 400+ first utility applications, 250+ provisional applications, 150+ continuations, and 900+ office actions responses. Over the years I was increasingly frustrated with: (A) the amount of guesswork involved in prosecution; and (B) constantly feeling like I was re-inventing the wheel (or should I say re-patenting the wheel?). If only the data and collective knowledge of patent prosecutors across the globe (I’d settle for the collective knowledge of just my firm) was easily-accessible instead of locked away in the depths of the god-forsaken PAIR system. 

With such a system I could quickly know (rather than guess) whether my examiner with truly was clueless or was actually diabolical. With such a system I could quickly make a data-driven decision on whether I should file an RCE or appeal, instead of guessing based on past anecdotal experience. With such a system I could quickly pull up a successful argument to a rejection I’m sure this examiner makes all the time, rather than having to hunt through my files for the one that worked last time — or worse, having to research and write the argument from scratch (because I am sure I will end up citing the same MPEP sections and cases used by the many prosecutors who have seen such a rejection).

Those desires formed the initial core of BigPatentData — the Knowledge Base and Examiner Analytics

But then I started hearing from portfolio managers who wanted to be able to use the data at the portfolio level rather than at the level of the a particular office action or examiner. So that’s when I started building the Portfolio Visualizer — a tool that enables quickly assessing prosecution metrics for entire portfolios.

So that’s BigPatentData in a nutshell. I have built it with my own 10 fingers and refine it daily as I use it in my own practice and get awesome feedback from users. I hope you will give it a try and give me some feedback to make it even better.