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Top 10 Fastest Allowed Patents

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I recently saw an update about the ongoing saga of Gilbert Hyatt’s patents that have been pending for over 35 years. It made me wonder: who is on the flip side of that bell curve? That is, whose patents were pending for a very short amount of time? To get the best measure, I wanted to know which patents were allowed fastest – not which ones paid their issue fees and issued the fastest.

From filing to allowance in 9 days

The overall fasted to allowance for applications filed since 2000 appears to be U.S. Patent 9,724,551, “Stretching Device”, which was filed March 16, 2017 and allowed an amazing 9 days later on March 25, 2017.  The application was not a track 1 application, nor did it have any petition to make special.

The top 10 Fastest allowances (utility applications since 2000)

Here’s the rest of the Top 10 (note I have only included utility applications, not design applications)

ApplicationFiling DateAllowance DateDaysArt UnitExaminerNotes
15461254201703162017032593764LEE, JOSHUA SContinuation
156447752017070820170718102884GAWORECKI, MARK RMade Special (Inventor Age)
156215282017061320170623101774RASHID, FAZLE AContinuation
2017041720170427101625MORRIS, PATRICIA LDivisional
155876352017050520170515103618JOHNS, HILARY LYNNContinuation
156085572017053020170609101625ROZOF, TIMOTHY RContinuation
156224802017061420170626121726LEWIS, BENContinuation
2015032320150404123623SINGH, GURKANWALJITContinuation
2017042820170510121625ROZOF, TIMOTHY RDivisional
153400802016110120161113122194MUDRICK, TIMOTHY AContinuation

Continuations and divisionals get expedited treatment

Note that, only one application in the top 10 was made special (incidentally, apparently a petition to make special based on inventor age can be automatically granted in EFS). The rest were continuations and divisionals. This topic — the expedited treatment of continuations and divisionals — is something that I have been intending to write about and will in the near future.

9 of the Top 10 fastest allowances came in 2017

This accords with the USPTO’s reported statistics of decreasing pendency time — a very good thing.

If you need a patent fast, try to get in front of a Timothy!

Coincidentally, 3 of the top 10 were examined by a Timothy! Turns out Timothy was a very popular name for a long time (source

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