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The High-Stakes World of Bee Patents (Statistics on Third-Party Submissions)

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Just came across Using Anonymous Third-Party Submissions to Advance Your Business Goals on IPWatchdog and was intrigued because I haven’t seen much (any)  commentary on third-party submissions. So I decided to see how popular this things are and who might be using them.

Third-Party Submissions by Month

Anyone know why the drop off between August 2015 and Oct 2016?

Third-Party Submissions by Technology Center

This graph perhaps explains my ignorance of Third-Party submissions — I mostly work in TCs 2100, 2400, and 2600.  Third-Party Submissions are most popular in TC 1700 (Mechanical and Chemical Engineering) followed by TC 1600 (Biotechnology and Organic fields) and TC 3700 (Mechanical Engineering, Manufacturing and Products).

Third-Party Submissions by Class (absolute)

The top 7 classes for third-party submissions in terms of absolute number are:

  • 424 – Drug, bio-affecting and body treating compositions
  • 428 – Stock material or miscellaneous articles
  • 435 – Chemistry: molecular biology and microbiology
  • 705 – Data processing: financial, business practice, management, or cost/price determination
  • 514 – Drug, bio-affecting and body treating compositions
  • 800 – Multicellular living organisms and unmodified parts thereof and related processes
  • 709 – Electrical computers and digital processing systems: multicomputer data transferring

Third-Party Submissions by Class (relative)


But if you look at number of submissions relative to how many applications filed in that class since 2012, you get a slightly different picture

File in class 449 (“Bee Culture”) and you might get stung by a third-party submission!

Here it appears there is a battle raging in the land of “bee culture” (class 449)!